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•2010 - 2022 : Founded and Heading

•2007 - 2010 : Acted as NB Site Office Manager for a Number of Greek Shipping Companies

•2010              : Founded Magna Mare – Consulting & Engineering  as a Technical consulting company for NB Market.

•2010 - 2013 : Deployed 3 NB Site Teams in Korean Yards overseeing the construction of 13 NBs under Magna Mare Project            Management

•2013 -2017  : Jointed Ishima Pte Ltd (d’Amico) and was deployed as Project/Site Manager on behalf of Scorpio  Tankers & D’Amico          Tankers overseeing the Construction of 34 Vessels

•2017-2019 : Business Development & NB Projects Manager of Ishima Pte Ltd .

     Responsible for Business Development of Ishima Services through Strategic & Operational Marketing, Customer Support and New-Buildings Project on-site support & Coordination. Duties included Technical Specification Review , Contract Negotiations ,Site Team Deployment & Project Management.

    Secured 24 Contracts for NB Project Management with Trafigura, Bahri ShipManagment , Capital ShipManagment, Niovis Shipping, DSD Shipping,  (1.3bil USD Projects Value)

Beng Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (2001) -University of  Newcastle Upon Tyne
MSc in Engineering Business Management (2002) - Warwick  Manufacturing Group (Warwick University
MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance (2004) Cass Business School of City University of London 

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